Law Office of Bleichman Klein
Law Office of Bleichman Klein


Appliances your purchase must be safe.  If you experiance a problem, let us know.




Cosmetics, cremes and items you use must be safe.  If you experiance skin irritation, sickness or other serious problems with a particular product, please contact us.




Your automobile purchase may be one of the most expensive items you may buy.   It has to be safe and you have to get your money's worth.  If you have serious or persistent problems with your vehicle, please contact us.



Law Office of Bleichman and Klein

Our attention to service to our clients is our priority.  We may help you be compensated if you purchase a product that is defective and or dangerous.  If your product has not performed or is a danger, you may be entitled to have it repaired and be compensated if you were injured or spent money needlessly.


Your warranty is an agreement and must be honored by the manufacturer. We may be able to sue the manufacturer if they do not honor the warranty or give you a run around.   We're looking forward to working with you.

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Law Office of

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Shmuel Klein admitted in New Jersey


Joshua N. Bleichman admitted in New York

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